What are my plans for the summer?

You have often asked why I slowed down the pace of filming this year. For those who don't know, I can tell you. Firstly, I experienced a very unpleasant knee injury, and it took me off the stage for 3 months. Secondly, this militaristic shit in the world has removed me from society completely, 100%. My husband and I lived in our house and did not communicate with anyone at all. I was just disgusted to start doing something for anyone, regardless of positions and points of view. And thirdly, our trade processing died because it was placed in Russia, where the zoo is absolutely legal. And in addition to everything, I gained extra weight because I only ate and slept for 3 months.

You understand that in such a perfect storm, I was just not up to filming a movie. Honestly, I thought I'd finish it altogether, and with the advertising business, too. But as you can see, everything dark gets lighter once.

This summer I plan to do "B&W Party", "Wedding Party", "Backyard Party" and "Roof Party". This is with the Proximus. With the younger boy, of course, nothing will happen this year, everything will start at the beginning of next year.

Send me scripts, I will be happy to evaluate how interesting and possible it is. If these two conditions are met, there will definitely be such a movie!

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