What do you feel?

What is the difference between sex with a dog and a man, what are the feelings inside, is it dangerous and contagious? I hope such questions are asked by those who are really interested in it. These people no longer have a barrier of shame, and this is the most terrible thing that can prevent you from living. Think for yourself, you want to go out to the ocean naked, but what will others say? What the fuck are the "others"??? You didn't know them and you won't recognize them, you have no idea how much they themselves have the right to look at you at all. As you understand, I have been deprived of the burden of shame since birth.

In itself, there is nothing remarkable about the movement of a dog's penis inside, except for the temperature. My husband and all my lovers are bigger than the Proximus. Of course, the duration of sex with a man is usually much longer, picturesqueness and ingenuity too. It is also easier to feel defeated in the hands of a brutal man. My husband can literally use me as a rag doll, but he can also be gentle as a skilled lesbian. With dogs, of course, everything is less interesting.

But there is one inconceivable moment. The knot inside is something fantastic. It's like a monster is growing inside you. It throbs and bursts you from the inside, and it seems that you are about to burst at the seams. At first it was very scary! Now it's scary what will grow out of my second boy 🤦‍♀️

And the second point. The amount of sperm inside is many times more than with a man, all this can flow out of you after sex for a couple of hours. I do not know how with other girls, but my vagina is no less strong than myself. Therefore, the sperm stays inside for a very long time.

The smell and taste are almost indistinguishable from a person. Maybe a little saltier taste. And the smell of soda is the same. I am not at all sure about zoonoses, which animals allegedly carry on themselves. I didn't have any venereal problems either before or during my life with a dog.

Is it possible to recommend sex with a dog to other girls? I don't like to recommend anything. Someone likes blue-eyed tall blondes, someone chunky brunettes. I'm sick of thin necks and calves, and also from the squeaky voices of men. Everyone has their own taste. Choose for yourself who you fuck. Blondes, brunettes, dogs, old people - live your life independently and without advice.

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