Who am I?

The most common question, of course, is who I really am. It is clear that you will not get my real name, address and phone number, but I can tell you what is comfortable and safe for me.

I am 35 years old. I was born in Russia, I was professionally engaged in gymnastics 15 years ago, I went to study in Boston and almost never returned to Russia, only a few times to visit my parents. At university I met my husband, you know him as Mifisto. Then we went to work together in Miami, raised money there on sports and bought a house in Spain. We've been living here ever since.

Hobbies? There are a lot of sports in my life. Gym, triathlon, long-distance running. Before the recent knee injury, I ran 10 km every day and 42 km once a month. We are passionate about sailing, the good thing is that we live by the sea. Of course, sex is also my hobby. Those who know me have long managed to see many guys and girls in my videos. These are not lovers. This is our gourmet food and drugs.

I've never fucked people alone and I won't do it in the future. My husband is my god and demon at the same time. Therefore, the offers to meet for a couple of thousand euros just amuse me. Also we don't have any friends. Not for some reason, there are very nice and pleasant people around. But we just don't want to waste our time on anything else besides each other.

Any other questions? Ask, I will write with pleasure.

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