Who is Eva?

You will definitely see me and Zeus in the pose of a rider and it will be Eve's merit. Eva is our girl, a member of the family. She worked for my husband for 7 years (lying down, she worked for him, too, of course), until she got as close to our family as possible. She has been living in our house for almost a year, doing housework, raising dogs, shooting my movies and editing them, marketing and finance. In general, Eva is a part of me. And of course the best mistress in the whole world, along with the Proximus 😋

Eva is originally from Ukraine, but has not been there since her divorce from her husband almost 10 years ago. Her husband is an old friend of mine, a pretty serious guy. And we are not serious at all and of course she is better off with us 🙌

Her name is often found among the questions to us, because she answers most of the messages. All you're interested in is whether she fucks with dogs and whether she's in a movie. Yes, she fucks with my dogs and no, she doesn't do movies. Does she have such plans? Yes, when Zeus grows up to the condition of a serious fucker. Then the four of us make a movie together.

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