Why do I need a blog?

Almost two years ago I showed myself to the public for the first time. During this time, I came into contact with a lot of people, there were really unexpectedly many of them. The number of views of my trailers on all thematic sites is more than 5 million. There are more than 100 thousand subscribers on this site. Almost 300 thousand people have passed through my social media accounts.

I do not know how many messages my team processed and how many I answered myself. Very much in one word. It's very difficult and takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, the questions are basically the same, maybe no more than 20-30. I will answer typical questions here on my blog. Gradually, slowly. Well, I will continue the most personal and interesting dialogues myself in personal correspondence.

I hope you will be interested. And to be honest, I myself am not interested in knowing people who are only interested in my videos and photos.

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