Why I always wear mask?

Not true, not always! I'm at home with an open face, I also shoot traditional porn without a mask. But in a special video, I have to wear a mask like any bank robber. I need anonymity no less than other criminals 🦹‍♀️

To be honest, it's not about the laws. I have not heard a single case of persecution of bestiality. I need to keep incognito to protect myself from haters and blackmailers. We have encountered this phenomenon several times and each time it did not bring pleasure. I am nervous, distracting my husband from business, he worries his friends to solve my questions. We don't need all this, so I have always been and will be wearing a mask in the videos that are interesting to you.

Do you want me without a mask? Go to the UNMASKED GALLERY, it's the same Only Fans, but only mine and without prohibitions.

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