Why is it so expensive?

Almost three years ago, my husband posted my first videos on zoo sites. Not a movie, but just short clips of our home entertainment with a dog. Just for excitement, he really likes to show me. In a couple of months, there were 2 million views of my 5-7 clips on the APP alone. And my brilliant husband of course came up with the idea to make money on it. He is very successful and rich, handsome and self-sufficient. But excitement is his weakness. And if there is an idea, he implements it by 1000%.

In the fall of 2020, we shot the first commercial film. We created a Telegram channel and offered an annual subscription to all movies for $100 and a monthly subscription for $20, promised at least 20 movies per year. It was the very beginning of my publicity. The first very experienced experts in the genre proved that there is no money in this area. But fortunately, we always make decisions ourselves, without advice. About 400 people gathered on the channel in the first month and it was impressive!

I didn't like the contingent of this group. 80% were rude, haters, perverts and just stupid nobodies. And the price of access to my life began to rise. We finished the channel with a price of $1200 per year. We ended up with 40 guys who were really loyal and kind to me. The fact is that among them there were a couple of assholes stealing my movies for resale sharing. I'm sorry that this happened, I was really interested with these guys.

My movies are more expensive than anything else in this genre. I don't want to deal with the evil poor. The key word is malicious. I myself was poor once and I understand this condition. One guy composes poems for me and sends them every Sunday, and I give him my movies for free. By herself, of her own volition. He didn't ask for anything. He doesn't have the money for such entertainment, but he genuinely loves me.

I protect myself with high prices from those with whom I do not want to deal. You may have a lot of money, but you are greedy and you think that only you have the right to a luxurious life. Pass by. You don't have any money and you're angry and hurting me because you can't afford this show - fuck you. You are poor, but you see in me everything that I am, and not just ass and tits - welcome. Just write to me and if I believe you, you will get what you want for free. But keep in mind, I'm very easy to deceive.

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